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  • All in favor? Without objection, the chair rules the ayes have it.  We stand adjourned sine  die.
  • I have a second.
  • Hearing the motion, is there a second?
  • We've suggested leaving the choice to Marc.  I think that's an excellent idea to keep the momentum.  Anybody object, speak up now - the Marc Train is moving down the track!
  • Cool Marc.  Your wife is brilliant, btw.   My preference, as I've said many times is Poets Park.  But I see it is not garnering support, so that be that. So now, I agree that we should get creative.  I like some of drab's new list. Here's mine: …
  • Here are my thoughts:  Island Poetry has a nice ring, but is very suggestive of Robert Creely, from whom it took me several years to break.  It would be like a Frost reference by naming ithe site "A Snowy Field", or Thomas -- "That Good Night",  or…
  • My poetry group sounds so derivative of MWC.  "My" also immediately brings to mind the "My Little Pony" stuff.  Is it just me because I have a daughter of a certain age?  Sharon? Heidi? Indar? Kate?  drab?
  • It appears the tentative protocol is that we will have screen names for the poetry adn crits, etc., and then different names/identities to use when we are acting in a Moderator capacity.  Duck and Duck2 might not do the do.  Any Q's, drab can you …
    in Start Here Comment by Tracy January 2018
  • For Moderator names, I call "MadDog" and "Kid Death".  I'll be back with the other stuff later. Great work Marc and Mark. Good to see you Dave.  Keep inputing
    in Next steps Comment by Tracy January 2018
  • Good suggestions, Linda.  
  • Well I can't tell you how glad I am that you are here.   Things are moving fast, and we wayward poets are embarked on the creation of a dedicated poetry site of our own creation.  And you are one of the founders.  Marc (CP) is blessed with world …
    in indar Comment by Tracy January 2018
  •   I can live with that if the votes go that way.
  • Good ones, drab - clearly in the top 4. 
  • Poetry Park Poets' Roadhouse
  • Poll might work with some things, others are good to talk out.  Some folks have thoughts, but perhaps not strong conclusory opinions and are fine with whichever.  There is a difference between undecided and 'I'll go with whatever".  Undecideds may w…
  • A thousand thanks CP. 
  • Marc can correct me, I don't know much about this, but if the subtitle is a poetry place, a place for poets, or some such, then I think the tags and whatnot will cause the site to be flagged by searches for poetry &/or poetry sites.  
  • PoetrySight is good, workable.  I still lean toward Poets Park and Breathing Space.  Poets' Roadhouse and Poetry Pavilion are right up there too, IMHO.   Need to hear from everyone! 
  • Mark -  with all due respect, please keep these discussions confidential.  Aimie's stickies suck, in my view.  There are lots of poetry site guidelines available to conflate into readable and workable protocols for our site, if we decide to have our…
  • Area 51 is okay, not my first choice.  There is the novelty; I wonder about staying power.  The other thing is whether it might be taken as descriptive.  I know Mark T. writes a lot of Area 51 poems, me not so much.    My current favorites:  Poets …
  • Kate - you are here, you have a voice.  If not, you wouldn't have gotten an invitation. drab proposed that we all be moderators initially.  You up for that? Matty - your thoughts about PMO as a landing pad for us herd of cats? [poetic cats ] How ab…
  • Catherine said: I'll be happy to follow the flow... Cool - can I get your proxy?  If I collect enough of them, I can be dictator. 
  • Good call Marc.  I am leaning toward PMO because of the certainty of what we get, and the fact that we get it immediately w/o any adieu.   But nothing is irrevocable -- as you say, if it sucks, if we don't make it work, then there are plenty of Pla…
  • Geez, my thoughts parallel those of Marc - I am undecided as to what route.  I do want the group to hold, if that is reasonably possible. How think the rest of yous?? 
  • That is a good belief to have going in.  Can we maintain, after the novelty wears off?  Maybe we can.  Just asking.
  • On the topic of names, I think 'Moderator' is pretty lame.  Maybe - Olympian Gods;  Imperial Magistrates, The Heat, The Fuzz (showing my age here) or even simply 'The Superiors'.    We could also call them Power Without Name, Gentle Reminderers, Sit…
  • Not to be the molasses in the watch-works, but I want to report with respect to the option of glomming onto an existing site. Of the other sites I have participated in or visited recently, I think I have found a reasonable fit.  Matty11 (Phil, we n…
  • Here are some other possibilities: Poets’ Encampment  Poetry Arroyo Poetry Lodge Tarriance - a poetry place Poetry Tent Poems in the Clearing Poets' Roadhouse Poets’ Roost Breathing Space - a poetry place Hiatus - a poetry writer’s home The Duck Po…
  • Recall how much Sarah Palin claimed to be a Maverick, like her Maverick temporary uber-boss John MaCain and how mavericky she could be, especially when she went rogue.  Oh my, the good old days. . .   That said, I won't be the last holdout vote agai…