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  • I'll take a look.
    in Site Update Comment by Marc January 7
  • Ok, Im fried my help son decided not to show up. I know everyone will not be pleased with the name, But there you have it. I recommend you first sign up with your real names, you'll be automatically added as subscribers. I'll add you to the Founders…
    in Site Update Comment by Marc January 6
  • LOL - prepare to be surprised. Playing one more round and just doing it and I'm not sure what it is, but screw it :P
  • Anything resonate: speckledthicket draggledlot Prodigalbacktalk thethreadbareeye oh, and anything to do with resonance is long taken.
  • I'll be back before I do anything. I don't think we'll ever reach consensus, but I don't want to do anything folks hate :P
  • I really liked bad mule, but not available, likewise paperbell which I equally liked.I agree thickening plot sounds prosey. I'm frozen. Strong feelings against thetangledbranch, just tangled branch?
  • Leaning towards - I like the and almost all the new ones as well. Poetspark and most variations thereof are sadly taken. A bit more cards and then I'm throwing a dart.
  • I'm going to play a few hands of cards and come back - if nothings new, I'll just invent something. I think we limited ourselves. Each suggested name was a variation on either where we came from, or based on the idea of a community. I love the idea…
  • Tracy, My wife's thinking is like yours. She sees no need for poetry anywhere in the name. It should be short and memorable and to think I jus though she was cute
  • I'm not kidding
  • don't let me choose or I'm going with "" from one of my favorites:
  • hehe - this harder than it looks that makes sense. You guys will have to trust me to find an available one that fits the selection. I can put a dash between words like I did here or something. I'll be true to the selection in any case. I wouldn't …
  • bear in mind that the page title, description and all that don't necessarily have to match the domain, but they should somehow be related I guess :P
  • or site even
  • I really don't think the fact that I'm the techie gives me the right to name the sight
  • should we start a new poll with those names and limit the choices?
  • for the record, I'd likely go with islandpoets or renegadepoets of the choices - so if I do (and I don't want to) end up being the tie break it'll be one of those unless something else magically bubbles up to the top.
  • works for me
  • poetrypark is sadly taken. I went through every one of Tracy's poetic terms and sadly none are available as I thought one of them might be more suitable for an online mag with a forum than just a forum. oh well.
  • of the votes mypoetrygroup is the most voted, my objection is that since we are looking at more of a digest style site with a forum and not just a forum them it's not a great name for an online mag.
  • lets give some more time - I have some help heading over tonight, so not too much
  • if it helps - of the choices the only one not taken in their cleanest form are (which we hold) (not up there, but we're on it now) That's not all …
  • If you want to see if your ideas are available
  • Thanks Mark.  I'm working on the frame as fast as possible so we can move over there. It'll be closed to the public until we sort it all out. I just need to make sure the basic stuff is in place and it should be a lot easier to coordinate once we h…
  • I'm setting it up so we can use full names if desired, so for my admin role, I'm sticking with CP as kind of minor in-joke (that only I think is funny) and using Marc Gilbert as my user name.  This is something you guys may want to think about if w…
    in Start Here Comment by Marc January 5
  • Sorry poll only supports one Catherine, I current see the results. Only 3 votes. Maybe you were first?
  • Mark said: I think you should get the others' opinions. And Tracy said he was working on something too. A refinement suggestion is to make that whole landing page look like an old door, with glass panels through which you can see a hint of …
    in Next steps Comment by Marc January 5
  • thanks a million, Mark. I'll get it set up like this and then we can tweak it before we open registration.
    in Next steps Comment by Marc January 5
  • I just added the ability to attach a poll to a new discussion. I'm working on the "Main" Site" and it should be ready this weekend for us to move in and start arranging the furniture. If someone wouldn't mind starting a name poll, I'd appreciate it.…
    in Pick a name Comment by Marc January 4
  • drab said: What does Poetry Sight mean? Is Sight a plan on words? Not a big fan of this.  Marc, I wouldn't buy any more domains until we narrow this down a bit  yep
    in Pick a name Comment by Marc January 4