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  • I had the same wobble -think I resolved it by going back to the registration link I received by email, following that and starting over.
    in Site Update Comment by Mark January 2018
  • thanks drab I found the link Marc posted as well
  • Fucking A! On my way. The name is great, Marc. 
    in Site Update Comment by Mark January 2018
  • Cool name. I need a link -all i get on my search engine is a lot of Pintrest crap -help please1
  • I'm on my way!
    in indar Comment by Mark January 2018
  • Make mine a double. I need to go back to sleep. Also want to mention we are going away on Monday for a break - be back next weekend.
  • Woke up at 3.30am an hour ago. I have my final name suggestion. Quorum Poetry Forum We are being a quorum, we will operate as a quorum in future, the forum will have emerged from a quorum, but at the same time the word doesn't create any boxed pe…
  • Hi Linda - best for 2018. We'll get to recruitment but do you have any suggestions for a name in the meantime?
    in indar Comment by Mark January 2018
  • I think Marc's coding away with his assistant, doing things the hard way without a fixed domain until the name thing is settled.
  • I guess... have to say I can't get past Island Records in my head and that's all dreadlocks and spliffs... Poetry Park is taken... My Poetry Group is generic... Molehill Mountain now sounds a bit twee... uh, what else was there...?
  • Found an interesting resource. They have random name generators which are interesting, and I signed up and posted a request on the crowdsource boards they have there. (Shrug).  
  • I was think more of the site growing into something from nothing. But we musn't forget about the tag lines too. I mean if we have a site called eg AbstractX where's the explanation/keywords thing?    AbstractX where poets post get my drift?
  • Ha -some great suggestions there from Tracy and drab - think Marc's suffering from overchoice. For what it's worth - I really like Molehill Mountain - abstract but apt if you know what i mean -a name we can grow with, ha ha. Catchy sounding too. Pic…
  • Oh, and if it's to be more of a digest, shouldn't we be looking at "poetry" rather than "poets" in the name? 
  • mypoetrygroup does sound a bit dreary -even though I thought of it, I'm not so crazy about it either. I actually like roadhousepoets (transposed from the original suggie). Can we throw that back in the mix? If so that's my re-vote by proxy - I'm don…
  • Seems like we need a tie break. We can't really wait. I propose, that due to his sterling contribution Marc gets to name the site from the suggestions put forward. Without him we wouldn't be having a choice to make. Let's go with his judgement, I ca…
  • Can there please be some input from everybody regarding guidelines/rules? I suggest just adding points each of you think are necessary. Between us we can hopefully cover all the bases. I'll start. Minimum age for membership is 18 Membership laps…
  • Seems to be working just fine.
  • Poetry Place seems to be taken. Maverick Poets My Poetry Group
  • I think you should get the others' opinions. And Tracy said he was working on something too. A refinement suggestion is to make that whole landing page look like an old door, with glass panels through which you can see a hint of inside, maybe a pr…
    in Next steps Comment by Mark January 2018
  • Maverick Poets Poetry Place Trust these are sufficiently non-gimmicky.
  • Midnight. Off to bed. See you guys tomorrow.
  • I am keeping it confidential. Which is why I mentioned the idea as an example of the need to poll and waited for feedback before doing anything. And I agree it would be good to have something in place before opening the site. I've posted my ideas o…
  • Poetry Sight is a play on words. Obviously, poetry site - but also as a noun as in "what a sight of poetry I saw" and also a verb as in the higher vision adopted by a poet or reader. I think it may have SEO value too as in the generic search term 'a…
    in Pick a name Comment by Mark January 2018
  • Okay, quick thoughts... the board style look at MWC and BWF appeals more than tabs along the topline... but anyway on arrival the visitor can access the Welcome Home page which introduces the site and points to the guidelines. Updates and news can…
    in Next steps Comment by Mark January 2018
  • Whoo-hoo!! Suggestion for mild mod names, on a service theme. I agree with mod anonymity. Sweeper Duster Wiper Mopper Washer Scrubber Cleaner Polisher Buffer Fixer I claim Fixer. Next?
    in Next steps Comment by Mark January 2018
  • Is there any way to set up a poll page? On important stuff. So everybody who's following the conversation can have some input. For example, I'd like to ask Aime if we can use her MWC sticky material on posting and poetry writing to use on the propos…
  • I don't like Area51- it smacks of juvenile conspiracy, and conspiracy is taboo, and will put people off in this age of surveillance.  I do taboo (gently) now and again and do see how people are uncomfortable with commenting around that.     
    in Pick a name Comment by Mark January 2018
  • Can I suggest that we make 18 the minimum age for new sign-ups? Sure, they can lie but then we don;t have to have all that hoo-ha about kiddies might be reading adult content etc. Always thought that ridiculous, like saying Adults Content is going t…
  • Is this our name? Just checking.