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  • Thank you Marc, it's looking great! Really appreciate all your work here!
  • I voted both at once and it only "took" my 2nd fave. My first fave was Island Poets!
  • Love Poetry Sight even more than Area 51 fwiw:)
  • Tracy, I had a look at Tony's site too, seems interesting. I've poked around a bit on PFFA too, and PoetryCritical, years ago and didn't fall in love. Some sites are almost exhausting in their stringent, considerable crit demands, it becomes an odd …
  • Love Area 51! 
  • I hardly feel qualified to comment,  as I've almost no idea what exactly it does take to create/run/moderate a site. I've never been a mod and have no desire to, I find it difficult enough simply finding time to visit and write/crit etc. So to my vi…
  • Thanks! And T... right-o, no more, I shall cease and desist pronto  
  • Hello all, very glad to have found my way here! :-)  Thanks for having me even though I've been a fair-weather member at mwc somewhat, heh. Interesting watching how this takes shape, been feeling rather homeless myself!