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  • Tracy said: Welcome Dave!  My parochial ears hear for the first time the phrase "out west in France." I bet its amazing.  From where I understood you reside, I imagined France to be some distance. Well, take a breath. get your bearings, and …
    in Start Here Comment by duck2 January 5
  • Catherine said: Hi Dave ! Would we be neighbours ??   Actually I live in Hamburg but my wife's family come from Vendee in the mid-north west of thefrench coast so we are here for a week. And you?
    in Start Here Comment by duck2 January 5
  • Seems like a great piece of work there Mark
    in Next steps Comment by duck2 January 5
  • write poets poets write weak I know but a contribution
  • Ha finally I have found my way in. Thanks to all those who have found their way here and all those who have knidly set it up. I will need time to digest the whole exciting development from out west in France for the New Year with an almost empty pc.…
    in Start Here Comment by duck2 January 2