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  • Poll might work with some things, others are good to talk out.  Some folks have thoughts, but perhaps not strong conclusory opinions and are fine with whichever.  There is a difference between undecided and 'I'll go with whatever".  Undecideds may want more info, more discussion, while the "I'll go with whatever are probably reasonably considered abstentions regarding a vote.  Just my thoughts.

    But yes, we need to move.  I am mapping out a  tentative list of boards.

  • Please vote now in 'Name our site poll' 
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    Can there please be some input from everybody regarding guidelines/rules? I suggest just adding points each of you think are necessary. Between us we can hopefully cover all the bases. I'll start.

    Minimum age for membership is 18

    Membership lapses after 3/6 months inactivity. No zombie members. Lapsed returning members to reapply for membership.

    Newbie (limited) membership subject to (usual type) registration.

    Newbie promotion to member status to be on (various) merits. Quality of posts, frequency of comments, critting and general participation on the Newbie board are some criteria. No fixed period or number of posts.

    Promotion from Member to Senior Member requires one year of active membership and similar merits as above.

    All promotions to be considered by a quorum of us original members (or new senior members as things progress). Simple majority or 2/3 or what?

    I would say 2/3 majority, and perhaps we can extend that principle to all business of the founder members/mod squad when deliberating stuff. Perhaps the Top Mod should have veto and impasse-breaking powers. I think so.



    Thank you for your interest in ____________. We look forward to your participation.
    Please have a look around and decide if this can be a home for you and your poetry writing. Once you have registered as a Newbie you'll be able to participate on this board (link). All poetry styles are welcome.   
    Promotion from Newbie to Member is on personal merit, including poetry writing, positive critiquing and general participation. Seasoned poets can expect to be fast-tracked into membership. Beginner poets may take a little longer, depending on progress.
    Kindly make use of the Questions, Suggestions & Complaints Box at any time and one of the Senior Members that help run the site will respond before too long.   

    Mission Statement:

    Our goal here, as poets, is to maintain the status of poetry as a valid means of creative, written expression. Through personal development within a supportive writing community, we aim to add to the global body of contemporary poetry.


    This is a chronological showcase of completed works by the members of this site, for your reading enjoyment and inspiration. Click here to view by genre.
    Paperback anthologies featuring your choice of poems are available as POD publications upon request. Any proceeds go to the Homeless Poets Forum. 
    Kindly note that all writing is subject to general copyright law. This website features scraping alert software that tracks IP addresses.

    (I'm lying about the software ha ha but perhaps Marc can build in that thing where you can't just click-drag and copy stuff.)
    Okay, the above is a first draft so editorial input is welcomed as necessary. Please crit. It's also way incomplete.

    If I were so bold as to delegate tasks, to avoid cross-purpose duplication and paralysis by analysis...

    I would ask Tracy to put something together to cover the subject of critiquing, in guideline form.

    I would ask drab and Kate to independently assemble some posting guidelines - types, frequency, comment-crit-post ratios, adult themes and whatever else comes to mind on this subject.

    I would ask Dave and matty to independently draft some contemporary poetry writing basics, covering the main poetic elements, plus originality and structure.

    I would ask Sharon and Catherine to read and review all our efforts as beta-testers, from the imagined viewpoints of newbies coming to the site, What feels wrong or missing? What's good and what's mediocre? Be strict and critical.

    A note on copyright. As Tracy pointed out, there are many relevant sources to draw upon, as long as you substantially rewrite the content. Lifting it directly is plagiarism.
    And it's easier to check than you might think - cut and paste a substantial chunk of text off the internet into a search engine and it'll most likely take you to the source.

    I don't mean to take over and dominate proceedings. To me, there's a lack of inputs for Marc to work with. The man is doing us a huge service. We need to reciprocate. But if I need to back off, please say so. Otherwise let's get on with it. This is not fun, it's a schlep. But let's work together now to create something worthwhile for the future. 
  • Thanks Mark. 

    I'm working on the frame as fast as possible so we can move over there. It'll be closed to the public until we sort it all out. I just need to make sure the basic stuff is in place and it should be a lot easier to coordinate once we have something to look at.

    What you put up is awesome. It gives me some kind of blueprint. If we chose to change things around it should not be hard if I do a decent job upfront.
  • :D Tracy said:
    Kate - you are here, you have a voice.  If not, you wouldn't have gotten an invitation.
    drab proposed that we all be moderators initially.  You up for that?

    Matty - your thoughts about PMO as a landing pad for us herd of cats? [poetic cats :)]
    How about Poetry Graves?  I haven't been there lately, but i recall a poet there named, Macavityat, damn near as good a writer as Badger11.   


    I don't think I'd be a good candidate for mod because of my seasonal schedule. For example, I am leaving this weekend for a field trial for three weeks. Limited Internet. I'm still trying to figure out how to put a link to this site on my desktop so I don't have to find Marc's email with it every time I want to log on....
  • Why not put the site in your favorite? I think is not used anymore by the homeless poets. You've got to register to the tangled branch now: that's where the fun is... Here's the link:

    PS: what is a field trial ? I imagine some poor man accused of murder being judged in the middle of the USA Great Plains, crows croaking above his head, waiting for him to hang on the lonely dark skeleton of a tree, the sun burning everything and everyone to the bones...and Kate sitting on a wooden stool, scrapbook in her lap, writing poetry about the scene ;-)

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