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Site Update

edited January 2018 in General
Working on it at

Still a major work in progress. I'm working on a visual editor for the forums that's WYSIWYG - if you look, don't go by the aesthetics.

I'm hacking the hell out of Wordpress: Private groups, group forums, friends, will try and get in realtime chat... It's ugly right now, but taking shape. 

As far as roles go for the there are

  • Admins
  • Authors
  • Editors
  • Subscribers
The forum has a whole set of additional roles not tied to these:

  • Mods
  • Super mods
  • whatever

I have all the security in place, the back up functionality and all the gooey bits. Now I'm trying to make it at least presentable and useable.

Again if you look, please ignore the colors, the layout and all the aesthetics. I'm working the guts. I'll likely be in the code a lot, so sign up at your own risk and if you see it flip back and forth between appearances. It's just me messing around.

I feel bad about just picking a name, but if it's any consolation - I haven't slept yet. :)

This is not ready to start using, but I hope for it to be, for at least us. Tonight.


  • Looking forward to checking it out  :)
  • Ok, Im fried my help son decided not to show up. I know everyone will not be pleased with the name, But there you have it. I recommend you first sign up with your real names, you'll be automatically added as subscribers. I'll add you to the Founders Group as soon as I see you.

    The site has a bunch of extra features. It's going to take some getting used, but I think it will work out.

    We can tweak the aesthetics over time. The boards are functional, log-ins are site wide. We can figure out roles later. I'm not as worried about moderation as I was. This is a different site. Only one group has access to an open forum and even they have to register first.

    Each group has it's own area, own set of forums, You can maintain friends list, etc. Once we're all in place, or if we're all in place, then I can gently guide you through the authoring stuff. We'll each have the ability to post and save drafts in a pretty rich editor. Then we'll need to decide on an editor to see what makes it to a post or a page.

    Again, the aesthetics aren't all that yet, but that can come with time. My primary focus was on making the forum editor behave: font colors, tables, styles, etc.

    Hope to see you there!
  • Thanks for all your work Marc, it really looks great  :)
  • I've just registered, and am wondering around getting accustomed to my new home  :)
  • Fucking A! On my way. The name is great, Marc. 
  • Thank you Marc, it's looking great! Really appreciate all your work here!
  • Well done Marc and I like that site name.
  • I registered but can't get a
    proper link to the password reset page. My email gives me an adress where I get this message: Your password reset link appears to be invalid. Please request a new link below.
    I've done it 3 times... Do you know a way out?

  • I had the same wobble -think I resolved it by going back to the registration link I received by email, following that and starting over.
  • I'll take a look.
  • I've tried many times, always get there :
    Also tried through the friendship password no friends :'(
    Got to go to sleep, end of holidays and back to work tomorrow.
    I'll try again to register tomorrow evening...

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