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Made it! Gyppo assured me he is keeping Sio up to date on the other new site so he knows how to contact her.


  • Welcome Linda!

  • Oh thanks Tracy. everything posted on this thread goes to my spam folder. I didn't think to open subjects. I'm confused.
  • Well I can't tell you how glad I am that you are here.  

    Things are moving fast, and we wayward poets are embarked on the creation of a dedicated poetry site of our own creation.  And you are one of the founders.  :)

    Marc (CP) is blessed with world class tech-savy and is doing the heavy lifting.  At the moment, the rest of us are standing around and thinking about this.

    drab will be putting up a poll tomorrow for us to vote on the new name.  You have until 3:00 GST time tomorrow to submit up to two suggestions for a site name.

    Look over the threads, get familiar.  

    And welcome -- we need your views on these things.
  • HNY Linda  :)
    We'll be up and running soon, great to have you here  :)
  • great to be here can't wait to see how this all shapes up. Don't know if you want to recruit from some of the people still wandering in the wastelands of MWC and BWF but Biola has posted a couple of things after a long hiatus and Mark H posted on BWF recently--but that would be 3 marks.
  • Hi Linda - best for 2018. We'll get to recruitment but do you have any suggestions for a name in the meantime?
  • It's up and
    Get in there now!
  • I'm on my way!
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