Name Our Site Poll

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Will every member submit two names before 3pm GMT Friday. 
I'll assemble the poll then. 
Did I mention this is your last chance? Please put Marc out of his misery, 
and please choose a name that behooves us!
Name our site
  1. Which name do you prefer? Please choose two (if the poll allows).7 votes
    1. Poetry Park
    2. Poets' Roadhouse
    3. Island Poets
    4. Global Poets
    5. Contemporary Poets
    6. Renegade Poets
    7. Refugee Poets
    8. Maverick Poets
    9. My Poetry Group
    10. Poetry Sight
    11. Write Poets
    12. Poets Write


  • Poetry Park

    Poets' Roadhouse

  • Thanks T.
    Mine (which I believe are stout, apt, universal, and don't rely on gimmicks) are 

    Island Poets 
    Global Poets
  • Good ones, drab - clearly in the top 4.  :)

  • Contemporary Poetry
  • :)  I can live with that if the votes go that way.
  • renegade poets, refugee poets
  • Good suggestions, Linda.  

  • Maverick Poets

    Poetry Place

    Trust these are sufficiently non-gimmicky.

  • Poetry Place seems to be taken.

    Maverick Poets

    My Poetry Group
  • Poetry Sight
  • write poets
    poets write

    weak I know but a contribution
  • Only one vote it seems. Doesn't matter I had only one great favorite :)
  • Oh I think both votes were accounted for in fact.
  • Thanks Catherine  :)
  • Hey guys did you actually vote on the poll ? Only my votes appear ! Go to the top of this page...
  • Sorry poll only supports one :(

    Catherine, I current see the results. Only 3 votes. Maybe you were first?

  • I voted both at once and it only "took" my 2nd fave. My first fave was Island Poets!
  • If you want to see if your ideas are available

  • edited January 2018
    if it helps - of the choices the only one not taken in their cleanest form are

    • (which we hold)
    • (not up there, but we're on it now) :)
    That's not all of them, but those are the ones that seem popular. I hate to press the issue, but since we seem to leaning towards more of a full-blown community site than just a forum. Having the name up front will greatly limit my workload as I won't have to migrate the site once built.

    This weekend is uniquely open for me to dedicate some hardcore time to the effort, so if we can get this settled today, it would be awesome. Sorry for the rush.

    I'm good with all of them, not a great fan of as it feels a bit generic, but maybe that's not a bad thing.
  • Seems like we need a tie break. We can't really wait. I propose, that due to his sterling contribution Marc gets to name the site from the suggestions put forward. Without him we wouldn't be having a choice to make. Let's go with his judgement, I can live with any of them. Anyone disagree?

    Marc, pick a name, please.

  • lets give some more time - I have some help heading over tonight, so not too much :)
  • of the votes mypoetrygroup is the most voted, my objection is that since we are looking at more of a digest style site with a forum and not just a forum them it's not a great name for an online mag.
  • poetrypark is sadly taken. I went through every one of Tracy's poetic terms and sadly none are available as I thought one of them might be more suitable for an online mag with a forum than just a forum. oh well.
  • My poetry group sounds so derivative of MWC.  "My" also immediately brings to mind the "My Little Pony" stuff.  Is it just me because I have a daughter of a certain age?  Sharon? Heidi? Indar? Kate?  drab?
  • Sharon's intention was to vote Island Poets, if accepted that makes a three way tie at the moment. Give it until midnight, or until Marc says time is up. Either way I'm happy to let him cast the deciding vote.
  • Have to agree with Tracy.
  • works for me
  • for the record, I'd likely go with islandpoets or renegadepoets of the choices - so if I do (and I don't want to) end up being the tie break it'll be one of those unless something else magically bubbles up to the top.
  • should we start a new poll with those names and limit the choices?
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