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Pick a name

Let's post some names we like. Once we've all chimed in, I'll search what's available regarding domain names. Once we have a list of names that we like and are available, we can post a poll and get the ball rolling.


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    From Drab:
    • Island Poetry
    • Lifeboat Poets
    • Cast Adrift Poetry
    • Global Poets
    • Bad Bastard Poets
    • Exodus Poetry
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    Marc said:
    From Drab:
    • Island Poetry
    • Lifeboat Poets
    • Cast Adrift Poetry
    • Global Poets
    • Bad Bastard Poets
    • Exodus Poetry

  • Of my thought only:

    are available.

    I Already Own: (duh)

  • I quite like Homeless Poets Forum but can see how that could become redundant if things work out.

  • Poetry Polygon

  • I know it's my suggestion, but Island Poetry is a 'strong' name, is easy to remember, and has an emotional resonance for us (having drifted off to find our own independent home).  :)
    JMO, I'll agree to any other name as long as it possesses some degree of gravitas!

  • Maverick Poets Society
    Maverick Poets Forum
    Maverick Poetry

    Merriam Webster:

    Definition of maverick

    1 : an unbranded range animal; especially : a motherless calf
    2 : an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party

  • oooh, I like maverick thing...
  • I don't dislike Maverick Poetry.
    But it might attract a rough crowd of bandoleros etc.  :)
  • Recall how much Sarah Palin claimed to be a Maverick, like her Maverick temporary uber-boss John MaCain and how mavericky she could be, especially when she went rogue.  Oh my, the good old days. . . :)  That said, I won't be the last holdout vote against the name, if it come  to that.
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    Here are some other possibilities:

    Poets’ Encampment 

    Poetry Arroyo

    Poetry Lodge

    Tarriance - a poetry place

    Poetry Tent

    Poems in the Clearing

    Poets' Roadhouse

    Poets’ Roost

    Breathing Space - a poetry place

    Hiatus - a poetry writer’s home

    The Duck Pond  [but only if Duck agrees to be chief moderator]

    INTERMISSION - a poetry writer’s home

    Recess - time for poetry

    Callipygous - a poetry writer’s home

    Dalliance - a poetry place

    Caesura - space for poems

    Poets’ Promontory 

    Lagoon -- a poetry abyss

    Petrichor - where poetry smells

    Synecdoche - home on the web for poetry

    Poem Park <<>> Poetry Park

    Cloud Nine - a poetry writer’s assemblage

    Mix of Turpitude - a poetry writer’s mix

    Absquatulation - poetry here

    Argle-Bargle - poetry

    Astrobleme - a poetry writer’s home

    Poeticus Numinous - a place for poems

    Autotomy - a poetry writer’s home

    Cacoethes - poetry writers place

    Gardyloo! - here comes the poetry

    Meraki Poetry Site 

    Collywobbles - for writers and readers of poetry

    Peppadew and Poems

    Latibule - a poetry writer’s collection

    I agree with drab - the name should have some heft, appeal and uniqueness.
  • On the topic of names, I think 'Moderator' is pretty lame.  Maybe - Olympian Gods;  Imperial Magistrates, The Heat, The Fuzz (showing my age here) or even simply 'The Superiors'.  :)  We could also call them Power Without Name, Gentle Reminderers, Site Marshals, The Mounties, Inter-Gallactic Enforcers . . . perhaps a sub-committee of drab, Mark and Kate could sort this out and make (good) recommendations.

    Yes, still moving forward. :)
  • As we're all entering a foreign place what about Area 51 Poetry?
  • I like that one!
  • Love Area 51! 
  • Had to look that up...but realized on reading about it that I did know what it was :-)
  • Poetry Sight

  • We now own - I can wait and get another.
  • We now also own
  • I'm going to start the build out. We can point either/both/or another name to physical spot, but I thought they were both so good that it was wise to snatch them up.
  • I lean towards as its self explanatory and carries such universal connotations.
  • Love Poetry Sight even more than Area 51 fwiw:)
  • Area 51 is okay, not my first choice.  There is the novelty; I wonder about staying power.  The other thing is whether it might be taken as descriptive.  I know Mark T. writes a lot of Area 51 poems, me not so much.  :) 

    My current favorites:  Poets Park,  Breathing Space, Poets' Roadhouse, Thunder Road, Poetry Pavilion, Vanguard Poetry.   I think all of these have some of the drab gravitas, and high marks for staying power.  
  • I don't like Area51- it smacks of juvenile conspiracy, and conspiracy is taboo, and will put people off in this age of surveillance.  I do taboo (gently) now and again and do see how people are uncomfortable with commenting around that.     
  • What does Poetry Sight mean? Is Sight a plan on words? Not a big fan of this. 
    Marc, I wouldn't buy any more domains until we narrow this down a bit  :)
  • PoetrySight is good, workable.  I still lean toward Poets Park and Breathing Space.  Poets' Roadhouse and Poetry Pavilion are right up there too, IMHO.  

    Need to hear from everyone!  :)

  • drab said:
    What does Poetry Sight mean? Is Sight a plan on words? Not a big fan of this. 
    Marc, I wouldn't buy any more domains until we narrow this down a bit  :)
    yep :)
  • I understand sight like in soft breathing out of relief (or tiredness or boredom :D) and I like it.
    If we want people to come across the site randomly when looking for poetry forums, I think we need to have poetry in the name. How would anyone land on Breathing Space (except if they're after some meditation forum?)
  • Marc can correct me, I don't know much about this, but if the subtitle is a poetry place, a place for poets, or some such, then I think the tags and whatnot will cause the site to be flagged by searches for poetry &/or poetry sites.  
  • Poetry Sight is a play on words. Obviously, poetry site - but also as a noun as in "what a sight of poetry I saw" and also a verb as in the higher vision adopted by a poet or reader. I think it may have SEO value too as in the generic search term 'any poetry site". It's neutral and so can fit whatever direction things spin off to, and should wear well.

    What about a short-list poll so we can move past the name issue? I'm happy to give my opinions but also to stick with whatever's decided. 
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