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All, this is a temporary site to discuss a possible new home for the MWC poets. I chose this app as it's the most secure I've found. It is not intended to be the site, just a temporary place to help organize.


  • I'm in!  

    Post a 'howdy' so we know you have arrived.  

    Owe you big for this, CP.  In exchange, I will pay off the bar tab at the Red Barren I ran up in your name.  
  • I'm in too  :)
  • Hey Colm.  :)  Just waiting for the others to check in.  
  • Morning, Gents. :) - Taking the clan to see Star Wars movie. Counting on Tracy having everything sorted in an hour or so. Looking forward to what you come up with ;)

  • Forgot I could be me :)
  • I'm about too :)
  • Welcome, Matty.  
  • Tally ho!
  • Glad to be here.  
  • Welcome Kate and Mark  :)
  • Marc said:
    Forgot I could be me :)
    Maybe I'll revert too?  :)
  • Almost everyone is here. 

    Duck is the late-comer.  And does anyone have email for Sharon Leigh?  I PM'ed her with no response.  I will wait for Dave, but Sharon may have to be read in later.  

    Sio has been copied in on everything, but that is a longshot.  Still, it didn't seem right sending out emails without her on the list.  Or at least her last known email.  

    So where are you, Duck?  :)

  • Chilling champagne in Hamburg, most likely. Heading into New Year's Eve here - you all have a good one, catch you on the flip side. 
  • Happy New Year to each of you, by the way, as we wait.  :)

    Dancing tonight.  

  • Happy New Year everyone   :)
  • Happy New Year!
  • I'm here too ! Happy New Year to all.
  • Happy New Year C - and welcome.  :)

  • Best wishes for 2018, fellow homeless poets.

    Is it too soon to start discussing stuff?  
  • Hi Mark, 
    The discussion has already started on the 'Things to think about' thread.
    Happy New Year.
  • Ha finally I have found my way in. Thanks to all those who have found their way here and all those who have knidly set it up. I will need time to digest the whole exciting development from out west in France for the New Year with an almost empty pc.

  • Welcome Dave!  My parochial ears hear for the first time the phrase "out west in France." I bet its amazing.  From where I understood you reside, I imagined France to be some distance.

    Well, take a breath. get your bearings, and tell us you'd love to be Moderator.  :)

  • Heya Dave!
  • Thanks drab. Welcome duck2.
  • Hi Dave ! Would we be neighbours ??
  • You both spell 'neighbor' wrong, so there's that.  :)

  • Tracy said:
    You both spell 'neighbor' wrong, so there's that.  :)

    Neighbor is preferred in American English, and neighbour is preferred in all the other main varieties of English.
    No comment o:)
  • Yes, C., precisely.  :)

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