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  • OK, I still like Island Poets. 
    That's my final suggestion. Will Tracy and Mark give us their final favourite and see if Marc likes any of them. If so, happy days, if not....
  • I guess... have to say I can't get past Island Records in my head and that's all dreadlocks and spliffs... Poetry Park is taken... My Poetry Group is generic... Molehill Mountain now sounds a bit twee... uh, what else was there...?

  • I think Marc's coding away with his assistant, doing things the hard way without a fixed domain until the name thing is settled.

  • Woke up at 3.30am an hour ago. I have my final name suggestion.

    Quorum Poetry Forum

    We are being a quorum, we will operate as a quorum in future, the forum will have emerged from a quorum, but at the same time the word doesn't create any boxed perceptions, the letter Q is cool-design-friendly, also call it QPF for short, and it's actually poetic as it has a slick 2-3-2 meter and it rhymes nicely.

    Oh, and we can make rum the official drink.

  • Make mine a double. I need to go back to sleep. Also want to mention we are going away on Monday for a break - be back next weekend.
  • We had a quorum :D , and Marc (our benevolent dictator) decided our fate...thanks be to God. We now branch tangled  :)  
  • Cool name. I need a link -all i get on my search engine is a lot of Pintrest crap -help please1
    Copied and should work for you.
  • thanks drab I found the link Marc posted as well
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