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  • I really don't think the fact that I'm the techie gives me the right to name the sight <span>:pensive:</span>
  • or site even
  • bear in mind that the page title, description and all that don't necessarily have to match the domain, but they should somehow be related I guess :P
  • mypoetrygroup does sound a bit dreary -even though I thought of it, I'm not so crazy about it either. I actually like roadhousepoets (transposed from the original suggie). Can we throw that back in the mix? If so that's my re-vote by proxy - I'm done for the night.
  • Oh, and if it's to be more of a digest, shouldn't we be looking at "poetry" rather than "poets" in the name? 
  • hehe - this harder than it looks :) that makes sense. You guys will have to trust me to find an available one that fits the selection. I can put a dash between words like I did here or something. I'll be true to the selection in any case.

    I wouldn't push but much of the configuration is looking for domain name - easy to deal with on a simple forum - tricker when looking at a more robust site - so just saves time to start with an existing domain - again, sorry to push. 

    I have an one Unity course to start authoring soon in addition to my existing stuff... A man needs his Scotch!
  • edited January 2018

    Here are my thoughts:  Island Poetry has a nice ring, but is very suggestive of Robert Creely, from whom it took me several years to break.  It would be like a Frost reference by naming ithe site "A Snowy Field", or Thomas -- "That Good Night",  or Yeats, "Slouching Toward Bethlehem".  It sets a tone /projects an image that is limiting.

    My reservation about Renegade Poetry is a limiting sense to it as well.  If I were a writer of renga, renku, ghazal, or triolets I would not be attracted.  Dashing name, for sure, but I don't like it's shelf-life. 

    My preference would be to name the site only once.  It is like naming a kid.  If I were to hire and promote, I'd be more likely to go with Ruth, Catherine, Mary and Ann than  with Muffie, Buffy, Trixie, and Bambi.  Same with John, Mark,  Charles and David over Lance, Brocko, Jocko and Beavis.  

    My view is don't let the name define us,  rather, we define the name by the quality of site we have.  The Beatles made the name, not the other way around.  But a band called "The Country Cowboys"  - you won't go there to hear crap like "Penny Lane."  :)

    So that's my two cents. 

    And Marc - you need a name and now you have a sense of the body.  So pick one and off you go.  :)   It is not that big of a deal -- its what we do on the site and not what it is call that is the heart of this.

  • don't let me choose or I'm going with "" :) from one of my favorites:
  • I'm not kidding <span>:smiley:</span>
  • Tracy, My wife's thinking is like yours. She sees no need for poetry anywhere in the name. It should be short and memorable and to think I jus though she was cute ;)
  • I'm going to play a few hands of cards and come back - if nothings new, I'll just invent something. I think we limited ourselves. Each suggested name was a variation on either where we came from, or based on the idea of a community.

    I love the idea of more or less a blank slate with a bit of bite that we can define, just as Tracy mentions. Otherwise we're cornered. Look at the name of some of the journals out there:

    It could go on, but we do need to settle. I think I'm inclined out Island and renegade specifically because they carry fairly specific connotation. I guess every word does.

    I apologize in advance if the choice is unpopular, but I think we're in a state of paralysis-by-analysis.

    Like I said, I'll check back after a few rounds of Elder Scrolls Legends. My killer deck is getting creamed this season and I need to build a winner.  

  • Black Lake
    False Bottom
    Open Door
    Bad Hero
    Bad Mule
    Paper Bell
    Tall Tree
    Bamboo Castle

    Pulling my hair (what little I have) out at this stage  :D
  • Cool Marc.  Your wife is brilliant, btw.  

    My preference, as I've said many times is Poets Park.  But I see it is not garnering support, so that be that.

    So now, I agree that we should get creative.  I like some of drab's new list.

    Here's mine:

    Plunder Gem
    Cut the Mustard
    Square One
    Molehill Mountain
    Wake Up Call
    Thickening Plot
    Sharpest Tool
    Gift Horse
    Snap Factory
    The Fences
    Shot in the Dark
    Brain Surgery
    Up in Arms
    For Keeps
    Lucid Plunge
    Deadlocked Elf
    Hatchet Lilt
    Holstered Jabber
    Culpable Yoga
    Barter Sign
    Eggs Tatoo

    I will perhaps lobby, but yes, Marc, you make the call and we be done with this part.  

  • Leaning towards - I like the and almost all the new ones as well. Poetspark and most variations thereof are sadly taken. A bit more cards and then I'm throwing a dart.
  • Good names Marc, but they sound more like prose sites?
  • I really liked bad mule, but not available, likewise paperbell which I equally liked.I agree thickening plot sounds prosey. I'm frozen. Strong feelings against thetangledbranch, just tangled branch?
  • I'll be back before I do anything. I don't think we'll ever reach consensus, but I don't want to do anything folks hate :P
  • Anything resonate:





    oh, and anything to do with resonance is long taken.

  • Tangledbranch is better...but...
    Dead Branch
    Broken Branch
    Branch Ranch
    Mule Ranch
    Paper Branch
    Sharp Horse
    Paper Horse
    Marc's Diner       ???  I like this
    Roadhouse Diner
    Roadhouse Yoga
    Tree house Diner
    Bad Mule Diner
    Back To Square One 
    Death By Committee
    Brain Dead            (you can see where this is going)
    Marc's Last Chance Saloon 
    Paper Mavericks
    Paper Island
    Paper Knife   (the one I'm now going to use  :D )


  • LOL - prepare to be surprised. Playing one more round and just doing it and I'm not sure what it is, but screw it :P
  • I thought I posted before you Marc!
    I'm certainly feeling like your 'thethreadbareeye'  :) 
    It's a great name, but doesn't give a good impression of the quality people can expect if they read our stuff  :)


  • OK...Marc's Diner. 
    DO IT!
  • We've suggested leaving the choice to Marc.  I think that's an excellent idea to keep the momentum.  Anybody object, speak up now - the Marc Train is moving down the track!
  • Marc, as Mark does (you two remind me of the Dupont and Dupond in Tintin : which is who? :)) I think you must not lose time waiting for votes etc... Pick up the name you prefer and go for it ! Islandpoets sounds great. And thank you for the trouble you take.
  • Ha -some great suggestions there from Tracy and drab - think Marc's suffering from overchoice. For what it's worth - I really like Molehill Mountain - abstract but apt if you know what i mean -a name we can grow with, ha ha. Catchy sounding too. Pick that one.
  • Not mad about Molehill mountain.
  • Actually it's not that bad. I suppose constructing a poem IS almost like making something out of nothing at all.

  • I was think more of the site growing into something from nothing. But we musn't forget about the tag lines too. I mean if we have a site called eg AbstractX where's the explanation/keywords thing?

    where poets post

    get my drift?

  • Found an interesting resource.

    They have random name generators which are interesting, and I signed up and posted a request on the crowdsource boards they have there. (Shrug).


  • They might come up with something. 

    Hey Marc, you still in bed?
    Get up, today's the day you christen the site  :)

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